Photo Albums
Musical selection RESOLUTIONĀ  provided by musician/songwriter George Fontenette from the February 1st BET-aired filmĀ  Blackout (2008)
Old Plantation in Mantachie, Mississippi
Tombigbee River near the Natchez Trace where Native Americans, European Traders & Slaves worked and traveled. Photo credit: Bob Franks (2006)
Walker Bridge west of the Tombigbee River near the plantation.Photo Credit: Bob Franks (2006)
John Bean, Sr.s first house on the family farm
This old antebellum home located on the east side of the Obediah Franklin Beene  plantation was built in the 1840s.  This Itawamba County home facing the Tombigbee River was known as the Walker
House. Photo Credit: Bob Franks (2006)
This is the swamp located adjacent to Lemuel Beenes Mississippi plantation. Photo Credit: Bob Franks (2006)
Field shot of land that we tilled before the start of the Civil War. Photo Credit: Bob Franks (2006)
John Bean, Sr. is the one kneeling with his brother Benjamin and a friend who live with the family
John Bean Seniors Wife Emilys Headstone 6-15-1861- 5-20-1915
John Bean seniors Headstone
3-12 1856- 5-4-1943
The Inaugural Ceremony of a Lifetime
Milwaukee 55th Anniversary 2015 Reunion
Toledo Beene Reunion 2013
Mississippi Reunion 2012
Nashville Reunion 2011
Kansas City 2010 Reunion
Atlanta Reunion 2009
Ann Arbor Reunion 2008
Milwaukee Reunion 2007
Chicago Reunion 2006
Small gathering of Jackson & Rashia Beenes descendants at 2006 Chicago Reunion.
Washington DC 2016