Musical selection RESOLUTION  provided by musician/songwriter George Fontenette from the February 1st BET-aired film  Blackout (2008)
Tombigbee River near the Natchez Trace where Native Americans, European Traders & Slaves worked and traveled. Photo cred

Old Plantation in Mantachie, Mississippi

One has to look back to go forward and in these photos of the land where our American forefathers lies are the images of the old Itawamba County, Mississippi plantation where we tilled the fields under our former owners.
Your Pass to History

The Inaugural Ceremony of a Lifetime

Personal photos of the experiences of family members who attended the Inauguration on January 20th 2009.

Milwaukee 55th Anniversary 2015 Reunion

The Beene legacy continues on through the support, planning  and prayer of family that believed in the idea of bringing family together year after year. Whether it was a bbq, a thanksgiving dinner, a ceremonial gathering, the ladies of Milwaukee continued to meet and bring family together. We are thankful for the vision of Dessie, Ida, Margaret and Rebecca Beene some 55 years ago for starting the Milkwaukee tradition.

Toledo Beene Reunion 2013

It's been a while since the Beene clan met in Toledo but from all accounts, it looked like fun was on the menu.
Welcome home Beenes, Agnews, Billingsleys, Coopers, Craytons, Crittendons/Crittons, Cummings, Evans, Fosters, Robinsons,

Mississippi Reunion 2012

This reunion was the historic gathering of descendants of Phillip Beene's grandchildren. This was our first time visiting the Mantachie, MS where our ancestors were held in bondage nearly two hundred years ago. 
The gift of love among family is the most treasured of all.

Nashville Reunion 2011

Nashvegas was the site of the 2011 reunion. We had a ball with the Tennessee clan and here are the highlights of the event.
There are a lot of events happening in KC and the Beene Family Reunion is one of them!

Kansas City 2010 Reunion

Who knew that there was such much to do in the City of Fountains?! While this year's reunion was the first time it was held in Kansas City, I'm sure many Beene Family members would love to come back!

Atlanta Reunion 2009

We met in Hotlanta  this year! The place with 24 street names with the word 'Peachtree'. But we didn't get lost because the fun was always with the Beenes.
Ann Arbor Reunion 2008

Ann Arbor Reunion 2008

It was a Jubilee celebration inviting Beene lines to join and meet along a river in Michigan. With nearly 300 attendees, it was a cause for celebration.
Beene Family Reunion Picnic at East Lake Park

Milwaukee Reunion 2007

We brought it back home again in 2007! Home is where the heart is.
Small gathering of Jackson & Rashia Beene's descendants at 2006 Chicago Reunion.

Chicago Reunion 2006

As we gather each year across the country to celebrate love and family, photos documenting the celebrations help bring back the memories of these special family gatherings.
The Beene State of the Union is in good standing.

Washington DC 2016

It was a capital affair that year as the Beene Family held it's reunion in the District of Columbia. While there was so much history to be explored, we continue to make history gathering year after year. Even the President wished us well